Sunday, May 10, 2009

You too can be a better driver

One day I rolled down my window to let out a bug, my daughter sitting in her car seat behind me asked "who are you going to yell at mommy?"... hmmm, did I have a problem with road rage??? I do admit to getting furious when people speed down my street or roll through the stop signs (which btw seems to be more common than actually stopping at them).

I do find myself much more aware of my driving and behavior behind the wheel since my car is now so easily identified and advertises my business. Thanks to a fellow Idaho Indie Works artist HollyDoodle for my window decal.

@MissCourageous's car isn't hard to recognize ( on Twitpic

I no longer speed, I don't tailgate, I never cut people off, I always stop at stopsigns, and, well, I'm working on controlling my road rage at other drivers. I have no idea why when my husband tooted the horn to wave hello to the neighbors my 3 year old yelled out "NICE STOP!" ;)


alexkeller said...

that's hilarious! i was driving with my almost-3-yr-old one day and when i started complaining about some driver, her just thought it was the funniest thing. he must get that from his dad - when i get angry, hubby tries to get me to laugh...

Holly Doodle said...

Love this post.
How funny though...I am the same way when I have myself advertised on the outside of my vehicle.

Maybe more people needs decals... than they wouldn't be so absented minded. Or maybe I should say belligerent.