Sunday, July 5, 2009

"That was Awesome!"

Let the fun begin! Ear protection and a fan to wave away the smelly smoke. The magic pagoda.
Sparklers are cool.

We go to my parents house every year for the 4th. Its fun to watch my dad, brother-in-law and nephews take their stab at pyrotechnics and risk loss of digits while my sister reminds them there is no burn unit in Boise. The neighbors gather at the foot of their driveways, each setting off their own fireworks and cheering when my father gets out his mini canon and makes the loudest bang of all. Good times.

This was the first year that Greta didn't go in the house and hide from the noise. Grandpa gave her the headphones to wear and Grandma gave her the fan to wave away the smoke. When the loud fireworks screeched and thundered I expected Greta to get frightened and want to go inside. Instead she turned to me, grinned and exclaimed "That was awesome!" The sparklers were a huge hit, she waved them and twirled and danced like a patriotic ballerina.

This is it folks, America the Beautiful.

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