Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Buckle Up on Etsy

I make belt buckles because I love accessories. And I love fun accessories. I make upcycled buckles because I can. So I've moved them into their own little space on Etsy. It's called BuckleUp and so far there is only one listing, but as soon as the resin has cured I'll have a whole new batch o' buckles to list. So stay tuned, and stay safe, buckle up.

Donate your jar lids or mint tins and receive $5.00 off any belt buckle, either on etsy or at the capitol city public market.


Bella Grano said...

bravo...the buckles were oozing so much cool they did need there own space. I love it!

Ultratrixie is Sweetwolf.etsy.com said...

ah, I was wondering if you needed jar lids! last time I threw one away, I thought of you. I'll have to start saving em for you!