Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Fine Line Between Courageous & Crazy

So people are telling me this will get easier. So people are telling me they warned me. So people are telling me I'm nuts. So we adopted a puppy. We had no intentions of getting a large dog. We were even planning on waiting until Greta was out of diapers. But sometimes opportunities arise that you just can't pass up. Or maybe you just fall foolishly in love. This is Trixie, a 5 month old chocolate lab. She needed a home. Apparently I needed less sleep and less time to get work done. And Greta needed someone to get all riled up when it's getting close to bed time. So, tell me again, is it going to get better? easier? am I crazy? But aren't they adorable???

If anyone knows any tricks for balancing puppy, toddler, and a business feel free to share! (or any tips on getting my poor kitties,that have been hiding for the last week, used to this clumsy giant pawed playmate?)

Greta is modeling a record album tote made by her aunt Dawn, aka: freakyoldwoman and her alter ego starlettwinkie so check out her shops and tell her I sent you!

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Mrs.Kwitty said...

LOL--YOU have your hands full!
Good luck!
Smiles, Karen